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Pairing: Pinot Grigio & Moroccan Chicken

I am so excited to start a new weekly post for y’all: pairing the wines I try with meals I love! 

This way, you’re getting not only a list of general pairing ideas I have, but an actual, tried-and-true recipe that I know will go great with that wine.

And, being honest, they’re probably mostly going to come from the amazing meal planning company I use: eMeals. 

Affiliate link:  Over 50 Meal Plans Available

Honestly, it’s because I’m lazy and love having meals chosen for me (are we seeing a common theme here?).

Without further ado, though, friends, here is a match made in heaven!

Doesn’t that just look amazing? Because it is. I lamented every bite I had to sacrifice to the girls’ plates!

The combination of a (very!) smooth wine and a (heavily) spiced meal is one that intrigued me the moment I tasted The Falls Pinot Grigio

Honey, fruit, and a light sweetness balance so beautifully with the rich flavor of garam masala, mint, and tomatoes. 

The light texture of the wine pairs perfectly with the light, juicy texture of the chicken.

And who doesn’t love a sweet, Moroccan-style couscous with a caramelly white wine?

Seriously, my mouth is watering just remembering these two together. 

Catch the recipe for the Moroccan Chicken here and check my post (linked above) about this Pinot.

Or try another heavily-spiced meal with a fruity Pinot Grigio (be sure to pick one from a warm climate to really get those fruity flavors!). 

Tell me: does this sound like a combo you’d drool over? Or am I only accompanied by my baby in the drooling?

This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive compensation if you make a purchase using this link.


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